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Find Lasting Relief from Joint Pain with ayu:manthra

Rediscover Mobility and Freedom from Joint Discomfort with Ayurvedic Therapies at our clinic in Calicut

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Are you suffering from Joint Pain?

Ayurveda drugs and treatments have offered solutions to joint-related ailments since time immemorial. The effectiveness in bringing down inflammation and lubricating the joints is incomparable to any other system of medicine. With proper strengthening and flexibility through Hata yoga and some lifestyle and dietary changes pain and stiffness can be easily weeded out.

Common Joint Care Diseases include:

Knee joint pain
Back pain
Small joints pain
Swelling of joints
Cervical spondylitis
Tennis elbow 
Calcaneal spur
Ligament tear
Frozen shoulder 

Why Choose Us?


Experienced Ayurvedic Physicians

Our pain management team consists of highly trained Ayurvedic physicians who possess extensive knowledge and experience in treating various types of pain disorders.


Personalized Treatment

We understand that each person is unique, and so are their pain patterns. Our team creates personalized treatment plans tailored to your specific needs and goals.


Holistic Approach

We take a comprehensive approach to pain management, focusing on not just relieving symptoms but also addressing the underlying imbalances and triggers to provide long-lasting relief.


Integrative Therapies

We combine the wisdom of Ayurveda with Hata Yoga techniques to offer a diverse range of therapies that are safe, effective, and evidence-based.

Embrace Freedom, Contact Us to Say Goodbye to Joint Pain and Rediscover Life's Boundless Possibilities!


"For anyone looking at healing, wellness and relaxation in Calicut. Ayumanthra is the best space for a holistic approach to health using Ayurveda and Yoga. Highly recommended."



—  Shobit Raj, Yoga Mentor

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