Good Health. Perfected over 5000 years.

Ayu:manthra is an endeavour to bring the wisdom and effectiveness of traditional Ayurveda and yoga to care for the health problems of today. With authentic treatments and yoga therapies at our modern clinics in Calicut, you can enjoy the benefits of traditional medicine with the convenience of modern comforts. In addition, learn yoga and connect mind, body and soul. Tailor-made therapies that suit your conditions make your experience rewarding and enjoyable.


State-of-the-art centre

'Traditional Ayurveda with modern comforts'.That has always been our winning motto. Equipped with all standard tools and equipments, Our clinics offer you a clean and safe haven for your treatments. The lush green environment surrounding the clinic ads serenity to its character. The authenticity of the treatments makes you feel healthier.  

Our team

Ayu:manthra has a set of well qualified and specialized doctors, yoga instructors and trained therapists for ensuring utmost care for the patients. We give you experts in the field who are compassionate and cordial. Our team seasoned with years of experience will bring you the health and happiness you always wanted.

Dr Shanthi Ganga

Chief Physician

Dr Shanthi Ganga, a holistic health specialist, believes in un-complicating lifestyle for a healthy living. Her program 'SWASTHYA' aims to achieve good health by taking into consideration the wholeness of an individual - mind, body, soul and food. Her vision of authentic Ayurveda, along with yoga, healthy food and exercise delivered with a modern touch help you to transform your daily life and attain Swasthya.

An expert in women health and lifestyle disorder management, she is changing the way people look at health. With many success to her credit, she has transformed the day to day lives of many patients.

Her philanthropic interests and entrepreneurial acumen led her to start ayu:manthra with a spectacular vision of providing authentic Ayurveda in a modern setting.


Mr. Soorej Anitha Jayaram

Yoga Mentor

Soorej has been fitness oriented all his life and has followed many physical training and exercise programs. He was introduced to yoga by his wife and he found it very helpful to keep his body and mind fit. His curiosity led him to learn more about yoga and resulted in him becoming a professionally trained yoga teacher.


Soorej strongly believes that alignments of the body, the breath and state of mind when doing asana can bring immense physical and mental benefits to an individual. His students are the perfect examples. He delivers his class in a simple and enjoyable way that students who are new to yoga find it easy to learn. His passion of uniting mind, body and soul has helped many students to come to terms with their life and lead a satwic life.


He is a certified yoga teacher from A1000yoga academy, Bangalore ( registered under AYUSH ministry & yoga alliance). He is also a Pranic healer.


A great place to relax and unwind. Experts in Ayurveda working hard with a lovely smile, one can shed all their negative energy and come out brand new. Thank you.

Jomon K John

Suffered from a low backache due to disc prolapse. Stayed at ayu:manthra for  2 weeks & latest scan reports suggests normal results. Magic work by team ayu:manthra.

Sabin Luckose

Lived with Cervical Spondylitis and acute joint pains for years until I reached Ayu:manthra. Now I live a pain-free life and am able to carry and play with my grandchild. I cannot thank ayu:manthra enough.

Urmila Rajendran


Professional, caring and friendly atmosphere.

Neil Kirkpatrick

Lovely place, quiet ambience. Therapeutic.

Parvathy P


Beautiful clinic with an expert staff. Well managed and easy to reach.

Roshan George

Personalized service at a reasonable price really sets Ayumanthra apart.

Roshini  BR

Top rated on Google

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Had an amazing time at Ayu:manthra. Best treatment and expert staff. All the best.

Mala Rajya Laxmi

Ayu:manthra has got it spot on. Everything is perfect. Super clean clinics and well-trained staff. Well done and congrats.

Rohit Mehra

Modern, bright and clean waiting areas, consultation rooms, treatment rooms and bathrooms. Excellent service too.

Dr. Nalini Warrier


My stay at ayu:manthra made my first Ayurvedic experience a truly extraordinary one. If you are seeking age-old Ayurvedic wisdom for wellness, I cannot recommend ayu:manthra highly enough.

Anu Menon

My stay at Ayu:manthra was a very pleasant and effective one. I was most impressed by the authenticity of the treatment and the warmth and care given by people in charge. Healthy home-cooked food served is one of the highlights. Way to go ayu:manthra. My best wishes.


Superb clinic. Super friendly doctor. Very clean and well maintained. Had a wonderful massage. The doctor gave me many health tips that I never knew and following those did make a remarkable difference in my lifestyle

Chaitanya Nair

From Instagram

Have tried many other Ayurveda centres but Ayu:manthra is a class apart. Great work team at Ayu:manthra. Keep it going. All the best.

Shyam S Menon

Tried Ayu:manthra once for their relaxation massage, going there every month now. It has helped me to reconnect with myself. Thanks a lot to  team ayu:manthra