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How ayu:manthra helped a patient suffering from Fibromyalgia recover to normal life.

Diagnosis: Fibromyalgia

A 35-year-old lady from Vatakara, a town near Calicut, came to our IP Clinic in Calicut with significant bodily discomfort, particularly in her back, shoulders and legs. She also had a lot of gastritis, flatulence, and had gained a lot of weight. The lipid profile was in the border ranges, according to the lab data. The results of all other tests were normal.

Her symptoms began following her second pregnancy, which went off without a hitch. However, she suffered from postpartum depression, which was not given the attention it deserved. When she was emotionally distressed, the pain intensified and became excruciating.

Fibromyalgia is a condition that causes extensive musculoskeletal pain, as well as tiredness, sleep, cognitive, and mood problems. Fibromyalgia is thought to amplify painful feelings by altering how the brain and spinal cord interpret painful and nonpainful information.

Fibromyalgia symptoms might be confused with those of arthritis or joint inflammation. Fibromyalgia does not cause joint or muscle inflammation or damage, but it can make people experience more pain in their joints and muscles.

Her normal test results, together with a clinical evaluation, indicated that she had Fibromyalgia.

The patient was admitted to the ayu:manthra IP Clinic for 14 days. Udwarthanam (powder massage), Abhyangam (oil massage), Kizhi, Lepanam, and Sirodhara were among the treatments offered. At the clinic, the diet was totally customised, and eating time and sleep hygiene were instituted. Stress-relieving techniques such as pranayama and meditation were also used. For emotional well-being, Smrithi meditation was also recommended. After examining the patient at various phases, she was also given Ayurvedic medications as needed.

Almost 75% of the discomfort was alleviated. The patient went back to the sessions for another year and was fully free of Fibromyalgia symptoms.

She opted to continue her wellness management therapy for another year for 7 days.

The Fibromyalgic condition was well-controlled. Lipid profiles returned to normal.

As a preventative measure, she was advised to practise self-oil massage once a week using specially prepared ayu:manthra's oil. During the discharge, a few medications were also administered.

The patient is currently in good physical and emotional health. However, she should make a few dietary modifications and practise meditation and pranayama on a regular basis.


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