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Pranayama & Yoga Nidra Workshop

Enter the zero stress zone

When: August 11 & 12 - 2018 (8AM to 12PM)

Ayumanthra has been on the helm for bringing a modern approach to Ayurveda and Yoga. For this workshop, we partner with one of the best Yoga instructors in the country as we try to provide a complete solution for all the stress in your life through Yoga.

Dive into the heart of yoga with this two-day immersion into Pranayama, Meditation and Yoga Nidra. Mindfulness-based practices, such as Pranayama and Yoga Nidra, are ideal for improving overall physical and mental health, building empathy, improving cognitive skills, and emotional wellbeing.

Learn classic pranayama techniques to vitalize energy and experience Yoga Nidra to encourage healing and relaxation. You will also receive a 20-min guided Yoga Nidra recording to aid your practice.



Shobhit Raj ( is a certified Hatha Yoga teacher, who is specialized in Yoga Nidra. He aspires to spread the awareness of Yoga as a tool for transformation and bridge the gap between our roots & modern living.

He is also a UX Design Consultant and enjoys studying human behaviour to solve problems through design.




8:00 - 10: 00: simple asanas, pranayama & meditation

10:00 - 10:30am: Tea Time

10:30 - 12:o0am:  Philosophy and Practise of Yoga Nidra



Nikarthil Chambers, Mini Bypass Road, Calicut 673004.


  • Yoga Mat,


Open to All Levels

(Please talk to the facilitator regarding any health conditions)

Monsoon Care

Boost your immunity and stay healthy


When: June 1 to August 31 - 2018

Rejuvenate your cells and balance the Tridoshas during this monsoon through Ayurveda. Various Kerala Ayurveda treatments help to make the body and mind relaxed, manage the pain and it is also a good time to start a  healthy lifestyle. It boosts your immunity and keeps you healthy throughout the year.


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